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We are creating a new project to host eCommerce websites with Prophet 21® as the back-end servers. If you are looking for a new webhost or just curious about what we are doing, please check out SimpleWeb for Prophet 21.


How many times have you said “Prophet 21 does everything I need except ....”? Or “I know I can make Prophet 21 do (Insert Complicated Task Here), but it sure isn’t easy”? Have you ever grimaced and groaned when someone asked you to import data into Prophet 21? Have you ever struggled with getting data out of Prophet 21? Have you ever wondered why there isn’t an easier way?


Prophet 21 is an amazingly flexible wholesale distribution software package. The number of features your company doesn’t use most likely out numbers the features your company does use. The only downfall to this feature rich environment and the flexibility you enjoy and a Prophet 21 user is complexity. Every time Prophet 21 is improved to satisfy some segment of it’s users the whole program is made more complex for everyone. While this is a good thing for your company, it makes your life a bit more complicated as well.


How much more would you get done if you could create import files within minutes of getting new data? How many people would see you as a hero if you could give them a way to run reports and get the information in Excel by themselves?


P21 Manager is add-on software that will help you do the same tasks you are currently doing in Prophet 21 in significantly less time. It will allow you to manage the information in Prophet 21 with more accuracy and let you spend time on the other things you enjoy doing.


At this point you will never know how much time and effort you will be saving until you at least try P21 Manager. So Download the Free Trial and see how P21 Manager can start working for you.


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